Why a Website Is A Very Powerful Marketing Tool

It’s common sense really.

It’s professional and shows that you’re serious about what you’re doing (it’s not cheap to build/manage a website..so it shows you put some skin in the game). A website can be accessed with a short and customized link, you can construct your own ‘billboard’ (landing page) and you can have multiple published/unpublished pages for many reasons, it looks way less ‘noisier’ than a FB page and you can place many tools on a website for lead capture, payments etc. Two major reasons in addition to those we’ve just outlined are:

  1. At least for now, a website is completely yours..you have control.
  2. You can integrate social media into your website.

There are many reasons why a website is essential for business. Keep in mind though that a website and a FB page are not substitutes of one another, but complements. They should be used together as each has its purpose.

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