Step 3

Step 3

Meet with us!

Schedule A Meeting With Us

In this step, you’ll need to schedule an online meeting with us so we can discuss your project, the project timelines and quite possibly take a look at a ‘wireframe’ of your website. We’ll look at your preferred pricing, answer any preliminary questions and help you come to a comfortable decision. If you decide to move forward here, there’ll be a second meeting, Step 4, in which we’ll show you how to easily make changes to your website, publish posts and more!

Congratulations! 🥳

If you’ve gotten to Step 3, and you’ve scheduled your meeting with us, kudos to you! While you wait for us to have our first meeting, you can review our pricing packages on our Pricing page. And don’t worry too much if even our lowest tier is not within your reach. We’ll do what we can to help. Looking forward to meeting with you!


Request FREE access to our '5-Step Web Building Course' & look out for our emails with the details!😎

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