Step 1

Get your website name

(Takes about 5 mins!)

Your website name or address should be reflective of your business and easy to remember.

Getting a website address is also called, ‘buying’ or ‘registering’ a domain and this is done online with a ‘registrar’ and should cost around US$10 to US$15 per year. We recommend using to register your website name since they’re a top registrar with good features, service, pricing and we’ve used them for years without issue. We recommend registering a ‘.com’ or if not available a ‘.net’. If you’re in Canada, feel free to register a ‘.ca’.

NOTE: This step is very simple and takes 5 mins. or less, but here’s a short video walkthrough, just in case you have questions

Finished With Step 1?

If you’re finished with Step 1, great going! Whether you decide to work with us or someone else, this is a step you would need to complete and we’re happy to have guided you through it. Onwards..let’s go to Step 2 now..


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