How In Just 3 Simple Steps You Can Get A Website Which Automatically:

Who We Are

We’re a small team of web builders/marketers based in Ontario, Canada.

Who We Serve

Mainly service professionals or anyone wanting an effective website for their marketing campaign.

Experience a Website Which Can Work For You 24/7 (Even While You Sleep)

the simplest, fastest way to get a website!

STEP 1: Register your web address (5 mins.)

In the first step we'll show you how to buy/register (rent) your website address.

STEP 2: Provide some basic information (3 mins.)

In the second step, you'll just need to answer a few short questions for us via our Google form for us to have an idea about your project.

STEP 3: Discovery meeting (20 mins.)

In the third step, you'll need to schedule an online meeting with us so we can discuss your project, the project timelines and quite possibly take a look at a 'wireframe' of your website. We'll look at your preferred pricing, answer any preliminary questions and help you come to a comfortable decision. If you decide to move forward here, there'll be a Step 4.

STEP 4: Onboarding meeting (40 mins.)

Once you move forward in Step 3, there'll be a fourth step in which we will present Draft 1 of your website to you and show you how to easily make changes to the media on your website and publish posts.

Our websites are modelled/built from proven, high-converting templates which allows us to deploy them faster than usual. By using a proven layout, no-one is ever bogged down in design work or in figuring out the complexity of a web builder.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you decide to move forward in Step 3, there’ll be a second meeting, Step 4, in which we’ll show you how to easily make changes to your website, publish posts and more! Step 4 is where all magic happens!

In ideal situations & some cicumstances, yes, so it depends on your situation. Therefore it is more than possible as we’ve done it many times already. Keep in mind though that’s it’s an ‘at least’ timeframe. Once you have a decent working computer, decent internet, you follow all 4 steps & you’re communicating with us, it can take a day (24 hrs.), 3 days max..but, it definitely should not stretch beyond a week! We understand though that not everyone is in an ideal situation and of course we cannot guarantee anything. Another important point: when we state that we get a website up and running ‘fast’ it in no way implies a drop in quality or that the importance of the website design and structure is being implies a high level of experience and expertise. We’re able to deliver a high-qulaity, professional website very quickly

This is for you if you’d like to get a professional & effective website up and running quickly to use in your marketing campaign. We build ‘conversion-focused’ websites which will definitely assist your campaign. We’ll also assist you a bit and point you in the right direction in terms of marketing (depending on our schedule),but ultimately the marketing and sales are up to you. A website is an ultra-powerful tool only if you use it the right way, and that means putting  the tool into effect by driving traffic to it.
You bet’ya..once you do some decent marketing with the website, we’re confident it’ll help you a whole lot because we always employ only the best conversion-focused strategies in our constructs.

This depends on you. There’s a setup fee for us to build your website, then a monthly fee for us to maintain the website. The monthly fee varies based on the amount/type of tools you want to deploy. The pricing details are on our Pricing page.

This is a great question and it’s important that it’s fleshed out properly since it is the crux of ‘Website In A Day’ and forms the premise of our evolution to our current philosophy of ‘simple is powerful’. This ‘simple is powerful’ philosophy is fulfilled by recommending templates that are proven to work. By all means, we’re open to discussion and to your ideas as they’re valuable and we need to understand your direction and vision. Our Website Information Form is designed to capture the right amount of details for us to do our job and that is to recommend a ‘proven template’ based on your situation. We’ll have an ever-expanding library of proven designs/templates/demos. Our designs are ‘proven’ based on continuous testing and research and constant collaboration with the best ‘conversion-focused’ design experts in the world. You’ll be able to tweak the websites ‘media’ (text, pictures, videos) on your own or you can book some minutes with us during our 3 office-hour slots during the week, so we can quickly make the changes any minor tweaks you want (we do understand that changes to wording etc. would be necessary over time as you go through your campaigns etc.). So, in summary, we humbly ask that you leave any ‘major design change’ to us. Our emailing/ticketing system and our live office hours are there to accomodate any minor tweaks over time. Note though that if you truly want us to make a major design change to a template, no worries, we’ll be happy to have a discussion on the change and produce a quote for you.


Of course you can! There are some great ones out there and we encourage you to do some research first and use a system that you’re comfortable with (measure this by service, quality and ease of use). We do all the technical/boring/time consuming stuff so you can spend your time on the critical stuff, with your clients and in marketing and sales efforts. Also, we don’t believe in placing all eggs in one basket so we use multiple best-in-class tools to mitigate this risk. We definitely don’t recommend spending all your time trying to figure out expensive web and funnel builders (unless of course, that’s your line of business). It’s easy to get roped into that, so be careful!

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