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Why a Website Is A Very Powerful Marketing Tool

It’s common sense really. It’s professional and shows that you’re serious about what you’re doing (it’s not cheap to build/manage a it shows you put some skin in the game). A website can be accessed with a short and customized link, you can construct your own ‘billboard’ (landing page) and you can have multiple

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What makes our websites effective/powerful

We bring many elements together to build an ‘effective’ website but what delivers the most ‘punch’ are proven designs (tested), powerful engagement tools, and SEO optimized copy. ‘Engagement’ is key. In these ‘competitive’ times, you have to look beyond just ‘providing information’.  (Will add more to this post shortly). 

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How a Website Works

Websites are never ‘owned’ but ‘rented’ as you have to pay annually/monthly for your web address (domain), hosting, tools and maintenance , so you can never outrightly own a website. (We’ll expand on this post shortly).

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